Our enthusiasm is beyond belief at sbsmarathon.co.nz,

we love

everything about Marathons. The Physical as well as the mental element is truly unique. Within these pages we hope to somehow get that enthusiasm across. We work hand in hand with a lot of marathon experts and pioneers in the sport who help provide a lot of accurate and effective information. When it comes to content, we got you covered.

We have been in the marathon game for long time now. It has been a journey that helped us grow stronger and better not only on the physical side but with the mental aspect as well. We’ve been in your shoes where we looked for credible websites that gave helpful information about marathons, but we really were looking for one that encapsulated the New Zealand running scene. So hence we created Sbsmarathon.co.nz . We would like this site to be your one stop shop on everything to do with long distance running. and the side topics of training, dieting, running gear, practice, technique, shoes, apparel, and any way else to improve your experience.

We are devoted

to making sure that you become a huge fan of marathons. New Zealand has a big running community and we’d like to one day be able to bring all those people together, here so that there is one source of information. Even thou Marathons can be scary and intimidating, they can also be super fun and engaging. If you stick with us, we will teach you a step by step plan on how to run a full marathon and the steps leading up to it.

Let’s get this community to grow and prosper in the marvelous land of kiwis: New Zealand!