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where we will be providing you with the latest news as well as every necessary information regarding your favorite sport. We deal with the training, discipline, tracks, the best gear to use, as well as the guides you need. As much as marathon running is a cardio slug it is our kind of sport, it’s highly technical and scientific.

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it’s such a unique place with diverse terrains that can make your new run more interesting. We have done countless marathons since we were children in various parts of New Zealand and this is why we’ve created this website in order to give back to our community.

We absolutely love marathons and we believe that they can be one of the most fun ways to be out there with a lot of people, challenge your mindset, burn a lot of fat, and change your lifestyle habits.

If you love that high you get when running for a long time, then prepare to be immersed in it with Sbsmarathon.co.nz. We don’t just run out there to burn off calories, we’re actually active members in the marathon community in New Zealand. This is why we are going to be bringing you the best latest information concerning how to optimize your training, diet, recovery, and preparation for upcoming marathons.

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Marathon Running

The power of challenging your body to the next level - Master your mind and develop mental toughness


It’s true that New Zealand and a lot of countries worldwide are suffering from the creeping danger of obesity. While you could certainly go to the gym to lift some weights, we believe that marathon running will develop you beyond just muscles. It will strengthen your mindset and help you conquer your doubts.


This website is more than just content, it’s a club and a community. While you’re helping yourself achieve your fitness and health goals, you are also helping the community around you and spreading the word. One cannot describe the thrill we have when we run for a long distance with a lot of people, the sense of community, compassion, and common struggle helps create stronger bonds. It’s a feeling that you have to experience for yourself and that’s exactly why we’re here.


This information is gathered and analyzed by a lot of experts in the field such as ourselves and the team. We work all day scouting to bring you the best possible content. This includes information about training, dieting, technique, and even apparel.

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You can’t just go out there beating your heart to the ground, marathon running is very technical and requires not only a solid physical game by pacing yourself but also a mental game. This is why marathons are so important and many people are invested in it.

The power of information is beyond belief and this is why we want more people to join our website and our marathon movement. By making sure that everyone is getting the right information, we will help New Zealand become the country of marathons.

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